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Xbox 360 Multiplayer Games is a completely bespoke website that tells you multiplayer information about pretty much every Xbox 360 game that has been released. Sometimes it isn't made clear if you can play against a friend on a certain game so this website will tell you exactly how many people can play either locally or over Xbox Live.

We discussed exactly what information was needed about each game and firstly developed a database and admin panel so that games could be easily added and updated.

This site features eBay and Amazon API's so that it displays listings from the retailers for the country that the user is from. The geo targetting feature also allows them to laser target their adverts so that they are only seen by the people that need to see them. This increased their conversion rate massively.

We also carried out SEO work to help this website get started and you can now see it standing tall at the top of Google for the term "Xbox 360 Multiplayer Games" with it's traffic boosted and their revenue up by around 400%.

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